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€ 10 deposit --> 5K cash out


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Evening people. Last saturday I wanted to try the new Golden Osiris slot from Play'nGo. I recently limited my accounts to € 10/month because I had some terrible sessions in a row. So I deposited € 10 and start playing 10 cent spins. It went extremely well, you can check it at the Epic Wins section where I posted a 3000x + win on Saturday. I ended up with making a withdrawal of € 800.

But the story didn't end here. I reversed it on Sunday and played a short session of Lightning Roulette. Made a small profit and a € 1.000 withdrawal. 

Yesterday reversed it again and played some Lightning Roulette. It became one of the sickest sessions ever. I always play Tier section and hitted some very nice lightning numbers, including a 500x on 10.

Balance went up to 5,4K, ended cashing out 5K. Can't be reversed because it's already in the bank DING DING DING.



lightning 24.JPG

lightning hit 23.JPG


lightning 10.JPG


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Of course losing that kind of money is nothing special or something we should worry about but from my own experience - even losing small amount in some unusual situation can cause tilt and then you will fall into chasing loses etc. More about staying away from tilt-causing things than about maximizing profits.

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