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12k Blackjack cash out


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I started with €500 and bet €200 first hand and after every win I doubled my bet. However at 1600 I couldn't double again as the table limit is €2000. I am actually relieved about that as this is a bit too much to bet. However towards the end I won 7, pushed 2 and lost 1 hand betting 1600 per hand. 

I continued to play until I lost a hand. After the 3rd win I knew I would definitely cash out, but thankfully the run continued. 

I would recommend first person blackjack to everyone. The RTP is slightly better than the live versions. 20201213_213133.thumb.jpg.9d21733572b45b2c64df38841b49ea45.jpg


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Why do you think so? So far it's been okay for me.

11 hours ago, Igor96 said:

That’s crazy! I wouldn’t have the guts to do it especially on cumputer blackjack.. but congratz !

Yeah I was stressing a bit haha. But it's so quick playing first person. It literally went from €500 balance to 12.5k in 2 minutes. However I could have lost it easily too. Just happy it worked out well.

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