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Fruit Party Max Win 5000x

Sheraz B

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Nice dude. That game is sick.

Hit 5k x bet from nowhere, highest win I ever hit after a year of constant spinning.

Previous personal best being around 2.5k x bet and about 1300€ win, but that slot, 0.6€ bet and I win 3000€...

Day after, same bet and around 4.2k x bet and 2300€ win, and day after that I manage to hit a 3200~ x bet hit, on 0.2€ bet and won 600€. 

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2 hours ago, Sheraz B said:

Yeah I had a similar experience my last big hit  was around 4kx on this game about a few weeks ago but not as lucky as you ( massive hits on the same day ) . HOPE you cashed out every penny.

Cheers Man, 

Merry Christmas :)

Unfortunately dude :( it was a blessing in disguise. My addiction to casino is really severe, during that time I was seeing a 'professional' for my addiction so before that deposit I was close to quitting. That deposit was my leftover from my salary(I am in debt so 90% goes to paying debts) and boom, I got reeled back into my addiction like never before. Out of 10000€ I maybe had 10% for myself, rest went straight back in to the slots.

But! This happened on the 29th, the last day for paying my rent and it was my last chance given from the Landlord. Atleast my apartment got saved:) guess there is a silverlining to everything! 

Sorry for the rant brother, and derailing ur thread...

Merry Christmas to you too! hope urs keeps on in this fashion! Keep it up my dude

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You have no idea how much I can relate to that, Im paying off my student loans right now most of the money I don't even get to spend just goes straight to the loans but I'm trying my best to manage my winning better so atleast I can stay ahead of loss as much as I can. Much love and Hopefully it gets better for you and trust it will brother.

Be safe.


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