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Hallo ik heb een vraag over de kansspelbelasting.

Ik had een paar dagen geleden zin om te gokken en heb 50 euro overgemaakt naar de website Betamo. Uiteindelijk na veel geluk heb ik 1000 euro gewonnen en terug gestort om mijn bank. Ik vroeg mij af of ik hier belasting over moet betalen?


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Hello, I have a question about gambling tax.

I felt like gambling a few days ago and transferred 50 euros to the Betamo website. Finally after good luck I won 1000 euros and deposited it back to my bank. I was wondering if I have to pay tax on this?

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I'm dutch myself, however i'm not very well educated on our gambling laws either as they don't seem very clear to me. But I guess I can still tell you my personal experience.

 I've done some research myself when i won €10k a while back as i had the same question. According to all the forums i've read, and research i've done, supposedly you shouldn't have to pay any tax over money won on an online casino located within the European Union (Malta casinos). When won on a casino that's not located in the European Union, you're technically supposed to pay taxes. However with amounts such as €1000 i don't think it's very likely you'll get any tax people chasing you. 

People on forums also mention that any amounts being transferred to and from your bank account that are below €5k don't usually get checked by the bank, apparently banks are required to check transfers when they're above a certain amount (i believe 10k, but not sure). So all in all you should probably not be too worried about having to pay tax over the 1k. 

But if it makes you feel safer, you can download a tax form online on the belastingdienst website and fill it in, and then figure out how much tax you'd have to pay. I personally didn't wanna have to pay a 35% tax over my 10k winnings, so as it came from a Malta registered casino and we shouldn't have to pay tax over money withdrawn from those i chose not to. It's been over a year i believe and i've never heard a thing from the tax guys. Hope my personal experience and small amount of research is able to help you figure it out.

Also:  Please don't take anything i said for granted and do your own research and do whatever you feel best with. (im no expert) 

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Hey mate, it's still a bit of a grey area, in Online Gambling, in most Countries, but if you really want to play it safe you could file it under your yearly taxes, and will be paying 30,1 % for amounts greater then 449,-, as that is the usual tax on that, as per 2019.

But this usually only covers lotteries and the like, in all regular gambling such as casino-profits and poker-earnings, it's more complicated. Normally the taxes are paid out by the exploiting party, so the Casino or pokerroom:  that usually is calculated in the costs per player (without getting into too much detail, as it's quite complicated) and often thus also deducatable for the exploiting party under 'player aquisition costs' so you wouldn't have to worry about it.

If you do feel so inclined, you could pay 30.1 %, on your next tax form, but then you are allowed to subtract all the losses you made in that month, so basically if you re-deposit the 1000 and try again for bigger winnings (where it would be more 'worth it' to actually submit it to the taxes) you are exempt, until you win more, cash-out, or lose it.

Now as said, it's complicated, and very much a grey area, on multiple levels (oversea policies, licensing of games, operators and more) so don;t take this as gospel: personally i'd never even bother unless it was lifechanging money that i'd like to use for something specific.

If it ever comes up, for whatever reason, you can always claim oversight/lack of knowledge and it won't really cost you much.

If English is a problem, feel free to p.m. me for the Dutch version:)

Enjoy your winnings!

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Congratulations on your winnings!

The most important thing in my opinion: if you are to gamble online more often in the near future, before you do so you might want to check out the casino's reputation, and in case you are taking any bonus, read the bonus terms and conditions carefully.

Betamo does not have the most stellar reputation of hundreds online casino's out there.

3 hours ago, TrustworthyC said:

it's complicated


Nobody is advising you not to pay taxes.

If you insist on paying tax on your win, the following link of our Tax Service is the official one:

From (expected date) September 2021 onwards, online gambling from the Netherlands is to be regulated.
The implications of this for the players are not entirely clear to me yet. I am prepared for the worst.

A link to another official government body about the new law: https://kansspelautoriteit.nl/wet-koa/  

Once again, enjoy your winnings  :) 

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