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Rizk casino confiscated winnings


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Hi Nick, 

Myself and my partner opened accounts with Rizk and both received the welcome bonus. We played through the wagering and I won £250 and withdrew after my documents were approved. My partner however won £750 after completing the wagering she also had her documents approved but after 4 days got an email stating her winnings had been confiscated as we both live in the same house so only one of us can get the welcome bonus. 

Yes we do live in the same household but have completely different names and used 2 different cards to deposit. There was no mention of this throughout the registration or wagering or even when documentation was being verified. It just seems they have seen the 2 withdrawal requests paid the lower one and made some excuse not to pay what's owed. 

Hoping you can help. 

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I've seen that slotspinner but only after the took the money from my partner. If this is the case then why did they add the bonus to my partners account in the first place. Why did they not pick up on this during registration, wagering or even approving her documents? 

Why is this not in the bonus terms as this applies to the bonus? 

Why does it take 4 days to get to the bottom of it when no-one at Rizk can tell you what's happening? 

They have also unblocked my account but also sent me an email saying I'm now excluded from any bonuses they offer why is this? 

But they have completely blocked my partners account and she can't access it why is that? She didn't break any rules she just registered, deposited and played. It looks shady as hell like they don't want her to see what's happening on her account. 

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