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1 minute ago, GodSaveTheQQs said:

Jesus Christ man this is pure sickness! Big fuckin congrats!

2 Wilds stacking Earthquake feature and 32 free spins ? Really ? lol you broke it!

Haha yes! that earthquake was a freaking insane.. :D i was a bit late to take the video so there was somethink like 16-18k hit with the best symbol before i started record. and those retriggers lol.. but yea that hit came like in first 5 spins and it didnt stop because that earthquake feature and all other spins then give just somethink 1,5k. Thank you!

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1 hour ago, dankmanc said:

I knew this game had crazy potential. 2 sticky wilds, 4500 megaways AND the earthquake feature on 15x, you're basically printing money.. congrats!!

Yea that earthquake feature is must on this game to had max potential. If im honest, i never thinked that game can hit like that.. But glad that happened, thank you man!

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5 hours ago, ressivv said:

Wtf, insane hit

When I play this game it always looks like it deliberately misses every possible big hit and you just hit it like 5 times in a row 😅

Hahah yea i know, that game is big teaser.. but yes, that was insane and hitted so many times. :D that earthquake feature was really important and those wilds to get that! Thanks 

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