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So i have played at Casumo for some time now and now its time to verify pretty straight forward or so i thought, just upload documents and so on. 

Well because i dont have a webcam or laptop as i use a desktop PC i have no way of uploading my documents through there upload center, they refuse to accept scanned documents so how am i supposed to verify its a joke and way to much hassle and all because i want withdraw £40.

Just be aware if you play at this casino you will need a webcam or smart phone to verify if you dont you cannot verify and you will of wasted your money.

Every other casino i have verified no problem

Has anyone else had this problem with Casumo

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Casumo is my second best casino after Calzone. If you got no camera and using PC then all you got to do is login from your friends laptop or phone so you can sent the right documents, BUT ANYWAY : why do you deposit before you got verified ? You should never do that. Always fully verify yourself before you do any deposit so you avoid all those issues! Best of luck

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They usually need it to verify you as the real person because somebody else could identify themselves as you, in case things happen, what would they do with your picture? Share them? Like otherwise it wouldn't be a big deal unless you've done something 🙃

They never asked me once to verify with a picture of myself or with some kind picture where i am in, usually normal stuff like bank cards and such.

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Oh just wait till they want you to verify your wealth, nothing less than a PDF whith your blood on it, a DNA sample and fingerprint with facial recognition will do, then they will feck about for over a week and reject it constantly.

I am 8 days into re-verification of my account and still haven't got the £2.3k they owe me yet.

Great that as a casino they actually want to run security checks but for the love of god, actually make the process reasonable and give people the chance to actually prove who they are and have a sensible conversation.

Wish you the best of luck.

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