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Hi, I have deposited at DreamVegas this weekend, and I won big! I won 1,692 EUR with a 150 EUR deposit.

When I went to cash out (it was still real balance at this point)  See here 

The live chat told me that I couldn't withdraw until I finished WAGERING the bonus balance (??? I thought this was a no-sticky bonus! They purposefully made it seem that way

So I took my losses and started to wager the balance, not expecting anything of it, but then I finished the (14,325 EUR) wager with 2,200 balance spare!!!

I tried to withdraw my final winnings, and they are telling me that I deposited through Skrill and played above 5 EUR bets so they have confiscated my winnings.

They are the ones who gave me the bonus, it's THEIR responsibility as a casino to award a bonus to players, not mine. 

Regarding the "over 5 euro bets", the live chat agent told me I was allowed to buy bonuses and continue to buy bonuses as long as the option was available to me, they have told me I am allowed to break the terms and then punish me for it.  Here is PROOF that they told me I was allowed to buy bonuses:



Save yourself the effort, this is one of the worst experiences with online gambling in my life, never play here!


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When you enter their website, the bonus terms (you have broken) is very clearly presented on their front page:


Dont "think" you're right, even if you're allowed to deposit with skrill and can bet over allowed betsize, you still broke the terms. No matter what you have been told in chat, you must always follow the terms stated on their website.

Sorry but this is your own fault.

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Hey, this has happended to me before and i can say its bothersome but it's a must-thing. You must read bonuses before starting and making sure to ask help incase you don't know.

I lost 1500€ with 50€ bonus, in redbet casino because it said 2€ max bet and i thought it was 5€ 😣 

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I have never had a problem with Dream Vegas (Part of white hat gaming, very reputable) I think you breached bonus terms and got money confiscated! I have had bonuses on Dream Vegas (I read wagering T&C managed to wager it and cashed out 3.5K no problems at all! I feel your pain but T&C are what they say if you break them you lose!!! 

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So you admit depositing by Skrill which it clearly states these are not eligible for the bonus. So I can see their view to confiscating winnings on that basis.

However, when depositing by skrill, the bonus should not be available to select, so how did the bonus get added to your account?

IF the option automatically selected the bonus OR had that option available when depositing by skrill, IMHO, that is directly and frauduently pushing you to break the terms as a backfall for the casino. 

As regards to the betting over £5/$5 by buying bonuses, you clearly asked chat about this and they said it was fine (in a roundabout way), so technically there is no fault here unless their general terms has a clause about that.

Let us all know how you came about to getting the bonus money when depositing by Skrill......I think that is the make or break point here.

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Thanks Slotsofun, this is exactly what happened and I'm pissed, I told chat to forfeit the bonus because Skrill deposit shouldn't give it and they told me to "just beat the wager", I beat the wager and they punish me anyway, this is blatantly fraud and I've contacted MGA. 

The bonus was added automatically, only the casino can give the bonus, it's their responsibility.

I'll keep you guys posted, thanks for the support.

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Yeah, Dream Vegas are charlatans.  I won 1k from a £50 deposit with bonus.  They took 12 days to pay out (and all the time it was reversable of course), then bonus banned me on all of their casino's (for winning).  Scummy group of casino's White hat are - stay well clear.

As for the OP .....

For DV to award the bonus when u deposited via skrill, then use the deposit method as a get out, and for support to say bonus buys are ok, then use that as a get out is a fucking disgrace.  why anyone would think otherwise is beyond me.  They gave the bonus, so it should be honoured, and advice given by an employee on a specific matter such as bonus buys supercedes t&c's.


You have a legitimate complaint to make imo.


Also, they have the UKGC on their web page, but on UKGC website (last time i checked) they showed as having an expired UKGC license.  Stay clear of dream vegas, stay clear of white hat.

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These are part of White Hat Gaming,and while you have broken the terms this group are notorious for banning people or not paying out on the slightest technicality. Kick up a fuss and you might get something back but I wouldn't be hopeful. They are not a scam casino but they are not among the most trustworthy either.

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