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slottyvegas took £1200 on me


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I was waiting to have my account verified and as soon as it was i withdrew 1200.16 at least i attempted to, they had emailed me saying i went against there terms by betting above a £5 bet in wagering which is completely false as it wouldnt even allow me to do so, i did above £5 when it was real money for a few spins to see if i could get any more luck but this is beyond a joke considering there customer service team did nothing to help and just took the money only when i attempted to withdraw no other time, ive checked all my transactions and told them this but they failed to listen, can anyone help on thi? below is a picture of the email



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The last line in the email feels like a troll. "on another note we would like to inform you that we have veryfied your account" well who gives a shit when they have removed all your winnings.

It Seems a bit brutal to remove it all because of a few bets over the limit. If I were you i would take some screenshots of the gamble history, there you should be able to see if you did the bet while you had bonus money. Or they should at least show you the evidence. Until i hear something positive outcome from this, i will stay far away from this site

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there saying the last 7 spins of the wagering where 10 pounds? to be honest its a first time at this casino and im not lying when i say no BONUS terms where around the page when depositing nothing like that was there there literally keep dodging the question when i ask how come sometimes you let people keep there depopsits when doing n other times dont, hypocrisy around term violation 

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