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The Withdrawal timescale mystery


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Hi guys 

I have forever wondered (probably like many) about how withdrawals actually work with various casinos when withdrawing by debit/credit card. 

Casinos usually quote a generic timescale such as 1-5 working days but I feel like this is just a blanket response and there is a lot more to it. For example: 

Last month I had a problem with a Casumo withdrawal where they missed it and it wasn’t done for a week however they authorised it Saturday night at 8pm and I received the funds on Sunday the following day at 4pm. I asked live support and they said weekends do not count as working days....? So how is this possible? 
It is the same with Sky Vegas, they quote 2-5 working days but I usually receive funds within 24 hours. 

Is there anyone who knows exactly how the processing/clearing times work? 

thanks, Rhys 

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Hi Rhys, I hope you had good Christmas mate.

As far as I know it all depends on the casino (how long takes them to approve the withdraw and release the money from their side towards your bank) and then it depends what Bank you are using and they are using. I know exactly what you mean as I have been wondering about it before but as I have found out, in general is the bank they use and your bank as I have used several websites , Calzone takes 24 hours or sometimes less and the money are in my account however (Tombola, bingo website) to which Is UK website takes about week to take the money from my account (pending payments) and same for the money to arrive back in my account about 5 working days. I know its strange right !? To help you for the future normally what i do now is: If I ever withdraw from any website soon after I go to live chat and talk to them sweet and ask them politely to approve my request of withdraw and normally it woks, they say we will try our best to speed it and they do and the money come faster in to my bank :) I hope this have helped you somehow and best of luck. lets hope you will win huge in 2020 my friend ❤️ 

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I use Starling and Monzo now. Its quite bizarre.

Sky Vegas withdrawal takes 48 hours to Monzo, 24 or less to Starling.

Paddy Power/Betfair takes 24-48 hours with Starling and it's in the next day early with Monzo.

Ladbrokes the same as the above.

The Malta based casinos can take quite a while unfortunately.

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Just now, rhysevans13 said:

That is amazing, I wonder if they use a different system for processing payments? 


Apparently there are two,I think,different types of visa withdrawal systems a vendor/casino can use.One is a 24-36hr type and another is an almost immediate withdrawal.I had two withdrawals hit my bank on Christmas day this year. Videoslots and Metal,who are also MT SEcure Trade like Calzone.

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