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Wildz withdraw and BS verycation issuie


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Hey there can someone please help me with my wildz issue, i have been depositing at wildz for nearly a year ,when i first signed up i asked them if i could send in docs to be verified, which they said i didn't need to but if i want i can upload my docs to the site which i did. a few months later i tried a small withdrawal ($400) it took 4 days of going to chat asking what was the progress off my withdrawal and they told me its with the payment team well i redrew the money tired of waiting and i herd nothing then the other day i requested a $1500 withdrawal they took 5 days to reply back to me after going to chat and me sending in every doc i had under  the sun 3 months of bank statements,picture of 2 of the previous 3 debit cards , payslips showing my income , and power bill , driver license and passport. well they come back to me saying i needed to send them a photo of a card i no longer had and i could prove i had owned as it was in the bank statements showing the withdrawal and i owned that card. well now they want me to get a letter from the bank saying that that card is not active anymore and i owned it, the bank said they will not issue this letter as the card is not on there system anymore and that if they were worried about it to withdraw the money back to that cancelled card, and they will redirect it to me. wildz will not reply to any of my emails anymore i just get back the same reply ,saying they need what they requested what do i do? the bank statements clearly show i owned that card.

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i think wildz is a good casino. never had any issues with them but i think since a german streamer played there with 80k viewers every night they got a lot of sign ups this year and wildz did grow a lot more as expected . after they had every now and then problems with verification and payments . but in general i would say its a good casino and i think a lot of casinos would get in trouble with a situation like this. i really hope your problems getting sorted very soon. dont give up on it and merry christmas ❤️ 



p.s keep an eye on the casinogrounds streamer who play on wildz maybe they can help you to get your stuff sorted 

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The site is scam full.. i askd about why i dont get any spinbacks in book of dead gave them every proof they replied nextday they dont see any bets in book of dead, went to bet history they erased every bet history ever. Unlucko for them i have screenshots about the bets 

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Only got bad experiences with Wildz.com. 
Using weeks to do anything and if you ask something in the chat, they have to send an e-mail to the "right department". 
Never get an answer. Not answering their phone. 

My withdrawal case has been sent to AskGamblers.com and MGA.
Still haven't responded.

In chat they use a prewritten phrase that they have a lot to do and things will take time. 
Never have they overheld their timeframe for payouts.

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