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Leo Vegas withholding Withdrawn winnings


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Hi Guys/girls, I’m looking for some advice please. 

     I’ve not long had an account with Leo Vegas. Recently they wanted to verify me so I sent the usual driving license, proof off address and the card I deposit with. 

     Today they called and said they have frozen my account until they receive 3 months worth of full bank statements and 3 months payslips. I’ve been asked to provide more information for a few casinos before which hasn’t been a problem but I’ve not been asked for 3 months of full statements with all my personal transactions on. 

     I’ve told them I’m not happy about having to provide all my personal information like that and that surely they should just be asking for an overview which shows proof of funds Like other casinos I’ve used. I’ve also told them that I don’t solely rely on income from my job to gamble with and that I’m using profit from wins earlier on in the year but I will still provide the payslips if they like. 

     Currently they are holding a very good sized withdraw that I made 2 days ago (before they asked for this additional information) and are refusing to release the funds to me. I’ve told them to release the funds and cancel my account because I’m not happy to send the statements but they said they won’t do this and even if I want to cancel my account I will need to provide the statements first or else the money will stay with them and I won’t get it. 

     There is no dispute that the winnings are mine from either side but I feel like I’m being held to ransom, either send my life’s banking details for 3 months or lose out on money which is rightly mine. 

     Do I just send the details to get the money and leave or is there anyway of getting the account closed and my withdraw sent across to me without them being send my statements? 
     I’m not hiding anything in my statements but don’t want my personal transactions being sifted through. 

Thanks in advance 


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24 minutes ago, ryans_slots said:

Send what they need and get the withdrawal and just don't play there again? what are they going to do with statements nothing rly

That’s what I’m swaying towards but the guy said that because I transfer money from a different bank account into the account I use to deposit betting money that they will need to see statements from that second account too. It’s just seems very invasive. 

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