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Lightning Roulette Issue - Anything I can do?


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A couple of days ago I was playing lightning roulette (on MrGreen). When I play lightning roulette I ALWAYS play the exact same numbers, with the exact same amount of money on them. I play 7 neighbours and 16 neighbours (because my son was born on July 16th). Nothing was different that evening. After about I think 90 to 120 minutes of playing (and not missing a single round and never changing my bet), all of a sudden A LOT of players were unable to bet because of a server sided issue. The chatbox exploded with people complaining they couldn't place their bets. And guess what happened, lightning strikes on number 24 with a 500x multiplier, and the ball lands in number 24 (a number I ALWAYS have a €1 bet on). I don't think this is bad luck, winning the lottery would be easier than trying to make this happen again.

So I immediately contacted live support and they made a case for me. After a few days of not hearing anything I contacted MrGreen's support to ask the status of my case, and they told me they didn't know anything. So I contacted the live support in lightning roulette again, which finally set some things in motion. A few days later I finally get an e-mail from MrGreen's customer support. They told me they're not going to do anything because they don't know what bet I would have placed. To me, I think it's quite obvious what bet I would have placed since I play THE EXACT SAME BET every single round, and have been doing so for weeks, maybe even months.

I have never had a 500x multiplier hit on any of my numbers, so this incident has tilted me beyond belief. MrGreen or EVO won't take the time to look into my betting history, because... I have no idea, I guess I'm just a number they don't care about.

Is there anything else I can do (besides never going anywhere near lightning roulette again)?

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Its pretty simple, there is two sides to this story, either the bet got registered in the system but not carried out (i believe) or the bet was never recorded on anything and thus, if you did not record the gameround or anything, there is no proof anywhere a bet was attempted and thus they cannot pay you i think

The issue is that evolution has server problems sometimes, but many times including myself ive had it resolved and got the win paid out

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