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Unreal Gameplay


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So was playing slots for 6hrs or so went from £75 up to £1000 or so made a withdrawal, was happy playing for hours at a steady win rate , to then get disconnected from the site, I then relog back in make another small withdrawal, then proceed to play as I have been, to then go 434 spins in a slot and only get 1 win and loose my entire balance, so I contact support and pretty much get told not there problem and better luck next time, anyone else see something fishy with this, please check gameplay log, just find it impossible to go that many spins without a win.



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That's horrible mate. 100 dead spins is like you found your unluckiest day ever. But it looks pretty fisshy with your story, after the disconnect your way of playing changed drastic! 


Someone should shet up a light on this. Have been getting these disconnects aswell and the slot I was playing was suddenly colder then Starburst. 

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Yeah the support just had not interest in listening to what I had to say,  but if anyone doubts what I'm saying here, I can ask for logs the the full session of around 6hrs steady game play building up balance on different games, to where I have a pause where I get disconnected and log back in then make a withdrawal then continue to play.

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Just an unreal amount of dead spins,

I just had a email from the casino regarding the gameplay and all they do is bring up you had X big wins for X amount at such and such a time, which was my 5.5hrs steady game play turning £75 in to a peak of £1200 then getting booted off the site to then log back in, and lose the entire balance in 30 mins playing at the same stakes for over 5hrs prior to getting kicked off the site.

this is what they bring up my 3 biggest wins  in the 5.5hrs prior to getting logged out the site.

  Playngo Book of Dead  2019-12-06, 02:45:48 2019-12-06, 02:47:02 £253.50   £1.50   £480.50   £732.50    
  Greentube Reel King  2019-12-06, 02:27:47 2019-12-06, 02:28:17 £411.00   £3.00   £500.00   £908.00    
  Greentube Reel King  2019-12-06, 02:17:11 2019-12-06, 02:17:44 £61.00   £1.50   £750.00  


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