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Casinoheroes- WARNING Unethical/Shady behaviour and stalling


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i usually never complain. Or make a big deal out of minor stuff that casinos use for an advantage vs players AS most practices is common and sadly unethical. 

however Casinoheroes i feel like deserves this one. 

Now let me start of by saying, i mostly play raw cash these days and with very little to no bonuses and like to stick to 1-2 casinos. Usually the ones that are fast and have good service and where im verified. I have made countless raw deposits and cashouts on Casinoheroes and im verified there already. They are always super fast with replies and cashouts, until this last case. I got lucky and won a decent sum of money and made a cashout request. They sent me a email asking for additional documents to which i complied and sent in. This time around i did not Get a fast answer. IT took them 3 days to reply with that this documents is accepted, but now they need another one document. 
Keep in mind first time IT took me 2-3 hrs to Get verified. 
Why wouldn’t they just Ask for all documents in one email instead of asking for one by one seperatly? 
Why are they now using days? I decieed to Ask customer support and GOT the old «Oh that must be a accident». 
needless to say, they are stalling. 

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