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LeoVegas Leaderboards are fake.


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It happened to me 2 times in a row now when playing their promotions. First time the rules (T&Cs) of the leaderboard were incorrect, but leovegas admitted this and they reimbursed me with the difference which was a good service.


Second time was the black friday roulette leaderboard. Just before the leaderboard was taken offline because the promotion ended i was still 4th on the leaderboard, which i triple checked was for 250,- euros. Now today they added only 100,- on my account. They claim my points to be correct and there was just a slight delay in the leaderboard. That claim is impossible, or the ''slight'' delay in the ''LIVE'' leaderboard is just over 1 hour, which isnt true either cause when playing it refreshes nearly every minute. So or the ''LIVE'' leaderboard isnt as real as it seems, or they altered the paytable of the leaderboard or whatever has happened. Live chat doesnt seem to really look into it. 


GG Leovegas, i was always quite happy with you but this is one step too far. The 45+ minutes waiting in live chat, or days and days waiting for reply on an email were already quite bad - but this really tops it all off. never again one single penny of me, cause its just not 100% real. cant be otherwise.

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I dont think you will get answer from Leo Vegas here mate, to be honest you are right, that casino has always been dodgy but lucky enough Kimster turned it around for them but it seems that they have not got it 100% (yet). Lets hope @Skylined87 or @LetsGiveItASpin will show them your view towards them and they do something about it. As per my advice to you is : dont play there till you have heard back from them. If you dont hear back, is simply their loss. 

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