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Are there any games you feel are worth the grind to unlock bonuses


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Recently been playing some red tigers due to a casino promotion and have grinder out unlocking the wild row on pirates plenty. Got me to thinking are there any games where it’s worth grinding to unlock bonuses. Obviously there’s stuff like Jurassic park immortal romance etc which when you get enough bonuses can pick which feature you’d like. Or games with enhanced bonuses like wild swarm lil devil etc.


are then any games you feel it’s worth grinding to unlock feature choices or enhanced feature?

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Very interesting question that I have wondered also. I personally think grinding such games with right mentality can be fun and unlocking new stuff and features is cool. 

Few things I would consider however

Games like Pirates Plenty ( and some others) give you the feeling you are grinding in order to unlock new feature that gives you better chances to win big.

I'm not really sure if this is the case. I mean sure you unlock the wild reel in Pirates plenty for example. Theoretically this gives you the chance to win bigger wins. My question is however does unlocking the wild reel affect the rtp or are the wins balanced some other way? Game only lists flat rtp of 96,12%. I have seen many games with either rtp range, or two separate rtps listed. So why not here? 

Wild swarm is also really interesting game. I was first a bit surprised when I learned that you can upgrade your bet size after you have filled up the hive. I was curious how are they going to balance this when you could theoretically fill up hive to lvl 5 with minimum bet and then trigger swarm mode with max bet right after. Notice game lists flat rtp of 97,03% > So I came to conclusion that the whole bee collecting hive thingy is actually just a sort of meaningless visual hoax. It doesn't matter if you fill it or not, the game decides when you trigger the swarm. Notice you can also trigger swarm mode from the picking bonus. I might be very well wrong about this tho, so I'm glad if someone can explain how it works. 

There are also games where you collect x amount of stuff (there are many different versions and mechanics, but it is part of the games payout rtp) and then you either instantly trigger a bonus/feature or are eligible to trigger one. - there is chance you will never get the bonus (or all bonuses if there are multiple) or you might want to leave the game while you have x amount of stuff collected. If you don't leave game at optimal time you will lose some value unless you come back later. There are few games I could think of where there is no optimal time to quit. You will always leave some collected stuff in.

So TL DR: for fun YES why not, for winning bigger, better, increased rtp NOT REALLY

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@Avidgambler I think you are probably right regarding wild swarm that it has no overall effect on RTP. You could achieve this by having insanely large win distributions where a 2000 x win at max stake just gets swallowed up in an ocean of numbers. If you were being cynical you might also ask if this is indeed intentional to try and induce larger bets? Hmmmm.

Any game where you can never fully deplete all accumulated build ups is basically giving RTP back to the casino. Netent have got it somewhat right by adding in a gamble option.

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@NudgeShuffle Yeah that's what I meant with the collecting stuff features, but you said it better and more clearly :D

Another interesting example of somewhat misleading features is Flower Fortune megaways by Fantasma games. It clearly indicates you have 5 different levels, each level you reach ads another row and thus more megaways (on level 5 maximum is 531 441 ways). Also you get cumulative extra features on the way when you get to another level. On maximum level you have expanding wilds, respin, bonus pick and avalanche features all activated. On level 1 you have none of these and way less megaways.

You would think level 5 pays better with more megaways and all the activated features, however this is it not the case. Level 1 and level 5 have same RTP as far as I know. You can even change bet once you get to the top. (changing bet would not be allowed if the levels would affect RTP)

So yeah the game maybe gives you more opportunities to win and more creative  and visually pleasing ways to win, but it doesn't make you win any more. It is not that long grind to reach top but still it is a bit misleading in my opinion. 

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Well....there WERE some Microgaming games that were good to play until Flash bit the dust. Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck 2, Dragonz to name a few. Now it seems the only thing that's worth it is Lil Devil, and we all know the success rate of that one LOL.

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