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Megaways bonus froze, now vanished??


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So earlier this week I was playing the Deal or No Deal megaways slot on Sky Vegas. There was a promotion saying 'Stake £40 and get 40 free spins at 20p, so I opted in.

I met the requirements quickly as I was staking 80p per spins (notification came up) but I kept spinning my stake. I eventually hit a free spin bonus (10 spins) and 5 spins in the winning was around £40-£50 with a 10x multiplier for the remaining spins. The game froze, so i logged off and back in but it was still frozen. I contacted Sky Vegas support and they said it was maintenance.

Fine, I left it till the next morning, loaded it up and instead of trigger the bonus it tried to trigger the 40 free spins from the promotion. I tried to play through but everytime it would say 'error - contact support'. I contacted support (still waiting after 4 days).

This morning I logged on to see if it was fixed, I was able to trigger the free spins and they all went through, then nothing. The bonus is gone, the winning are nowhere to be seen. On my gaming history it just comes up as an 80p loss.

What should be my next steps? I've spoken to live chat and they're speaking to the providers etc etc. But quite worried now that the bonus feature has just vanished. I'd avoid sky vegas for the time being...

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i had a similar problem with sky vegas this week,almost every game i opened was frozen,went on live chat,the usual speel "have you cleared cache and cookies",did that 1st i said,he told me to try internet explorer instead of google chrome and lo and behold it worked fine,keep it in mind if it ever happens again Olliek.

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Did you raise this to Sky Vegas support team, I had this and they retrospectively awarded me the missing win. Its pretty common on most games (not just this supplier) for bonus rounds/features etc to be stuck, I wouldn't be too concerned as i'm sure they will pay you the money due.

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You can also check total stake for the day total winnings compare to balance and if the missing bonus is in the total  winnings that sky have compare it to balance. what you have to what you should have. I did this once because they said there no missing bonus and paid full . So I check total stake total winnings and my balance didn't match. So they said no missing bonus oh but I got missing funds lol

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