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[GIVEAWAY] 12h Marathon at BitStarz - Vikings for Big Win!


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Hey guys :)


It is time to make another 12h Marathon :) This time the game I picked is Vikings from Netent (got 1400x and 1600x win here).

I'm planning to start at 6 am CET 18.11 and would be happy if you come over and wish me good luck!

Bet size is $1 (let's hope I won't rip too fast) :)

Casinos : BitStarz ($300 deposit + 150% Bonus, 50x wagering requirements).

As for the previous Marathon, I'm going to have 5 minutes break every hour, and 20-30 minutes break for lunch (will just switch off camera and mic so you won't hear me eating lol) + 1 cup of very sweet tea, to keep my sugar level, as well as few snacks, and clean water. 

I also have an exercise bike, which I'm going to use, to prevent health issues.

GIVEAWAY: Please, try to guess the biggest win multiplier I will get in a bonus (in comments). The closest guess will win $20 Bonus Buy at any Megaways game they desire.

My Twitch Channel : 


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