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This slot can only pay out big or will destroy yor balance... nothing in between...

I won 2 times amazing (nearly 3000x two times) and a couple of times good (3x arround 1000x). But I have to say I played that slot a lot so even with that big winnings I'm not that big in profit with this slot (but I am in profit :D )

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Thank GOD its not only me!! i have counted the times i trigerred a bonus with 3 euro bet and got ZERO in return.. ZEROOOO...Trigerred 6 times bonus with 3 euro bet and got ZERO in return. Again with lower bets the same result! its been the worst slot for me. Even queen of riches is more decent than this one.  

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On 17/11/2019 at 11:02, RespG40 said:

Anyone else find it impossible to get decent wins on this game? I get that it's high variance but the amount of £0.00 bonuses is absolutely ridiculous! Is it just me that has awful runs on this game?

Started with 50.00 and yes I am with on this 50p a spin after 150 spins around that ball park the finally bonus drops and it gave me that it’s fucking diabolical it’s surprises me that one individual  online slot is still allowed to operate it’s an absolute joke!! And I’ve had bonuses of it before it never exceeds over 10.00 it’s an absolute scam of an online slot 


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