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Vegascasino.com - Withdrawal Issues


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I made three withdrawals from VegasCasino 17/10/2019.

First i got an email that all three withdrawals were completed , but the next day i get email from Skrill who makes the transactions that all my Withdrawals were cancelled.

I then email Vegascasino and they say that all is ok from their side, that it is Skrill i need to contact

When I contact Skrill they say that it is VegasCasino who cancelled all the withdrawals. Now I don`t know what to do...

Has anybody else had problem with this?


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Try again if its cancelled by the skrill shoould   be reference to refer back to casino ,, if its cancelled  by casino should be a reference to refer back to skrill,  demand proof as there would be evidence showing the cancellations each party has  

If they can see skrill has cancelled ask them to show it same for skrill then you find out who is LIEING

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