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Spinstation confiscate winnings


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First time i have had such a problem in playing for years. Spinstation decided to confiscate my winnigs after i acidently did 1-2 6 euro spins while maximum bet is 5 euro. In this game it went from 4 to 6 instantly but i did think the next one is going for 5 as normally till i realize i switched to 4 euro bet instantly. My winnings of 1150 euro is gone and they gave back my deposit of 100 euros back into Spinstation account. It was a welcome bonus offer for 200% up to 2000.

As normally you'r not able to pass 5 euro bet in any of the games while using bonus money as i have seen everywhere.

And they could clearly see that was done by a accident.

What shall i do in this situation?


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12 minutes ago, Peaso09 said:

Good luck getting your money back! White Hat Gaming are renowned for confiscating money and closing accounts if you win big or even take a bonus they offer to you ?!!

A lot of people have said that they've always been fair with me I once put my dob wrong by one number on dream jackpot and they fixed it and paid me I only use white hat casinos for there regular 100%bonuses and I've never not been paid or blocked from bonuses. 

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All I can recommend you or anyone else on any other casino is, that if something like this happens to you and you realize it right away, stop playing and write the live chat right away. Say that you just did a spin over the max bet by accident and usually they are more understanding in situations like this than if you would just keep on playing wagering and hoping no one noticed. 

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