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Wildz casino withdrawal not received


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I deposited 70 euro on Wildz.com and managed to withdrawal 2200 euro on the 24th of October. They asked me to verify my account and I sent the documents immediately on the 24th of October. Their terms and conditions state that they try to verify within 24hours, but surprise surprise it took them 5 days to verify. Within those five days I continuously asked how it could be possible that this is the case but no answers. 

Well now after 5 days I'm verified and my withdrawal is processed. My withdrawal was processed on the 29th of October, and till today I did not receive any payment and talking to customer support does not get me anywhere. Again their terms and conditions state that if you live within Europe it should take 3 banking days. When I ask customer support how this is possible they refer to Holidays that don't exist and tell me that it is 5 banking days and that they can't help me. Today is 5 banking days and still nothing.

All with all from the moment I requested a withdrawal it is 10 days ago and still nothing only a lot of frustration. 

The saddest part is that the Casino is actually quite nice, but these kind of tactics just don't make it worthwhile playing on Wildz.com

What do you guys think of this service @Wildz.com ?

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Well I thought it was sorted out but it did not !!!

After @MrVizah helped me out and contacted the payments team I heard that my BIC was incorrect and I readjusted it. But at the same time this happened Customer Support sent me an E-mail saying that everything was alright and I had to show all my banktransfers in order for them to see that I did not receive the transfer.

But the transfer was already cancelled due to the incorrect BIC and they had this knowledge.

Today is the 3rd banking day that I'm waiting and I should of received the money by now BUT when I ask customer support they tell me that it can take up to 5 banking days while the terms and conditions state that it can take 1-3 banking days within Europe using Bank transfer. 

All with all I won my money on the 24th of October and today it is the 8th of November. 

I have little hope that I will get my money anytime soon. Very poor service from @Wildz.com and it would be even worse if @MrVizah did not help me out to find out that it was an incorrect BIC instead of them acting like I received it to slow the process down even more!!!!



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Just some Terms and Conditions of Wildz which they did not deliver on in this case:

1. This depends on the payment method. Bank transfers generally process within 30 minutes but can take 1 - 3 business days within Europe and up to 5 days for our non-European customers. Delays can occur depending on bank routing, public holidays, and time zones. Withdrawals to credit cards will post in 1 - 3 business days. For verified customers using an e-wallet, the withdrawal can be in as short as a few minutes.

2. Wildz seeks to verify an account within 24 hours. However, at times there might be delays due to a high volume of requests. In the event of a delay, we apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

If for some reason this has taken more than one business day and you have received no communications from Wildz.com, please contact Customer Support via Live Chat or email (support@wildz.com) and we’ll resolve this issue at the earliest possible opportunity.


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