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ROSHTEIN Caught with his Pants Down


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I have heard literally everyone saying that the big twitch streamer ROSHTEIN fakes his videos but I needed some solid evidence. I saw the clips of him playing on "Fun" balance and I just looked past it. I needed some more proof and today I finally found it.This really frustrates me as it is unfair to the large amount of streamers / youtubers who do make good high bet content. Please enjoy as ROSHTEIN reveals that he has been using an overlay as his bet size and he is clearly playing on fake balance.... (Stream on 31/10/2019 Time 2hrs 9 mins) Enjoy!! (If for some reason you cannot see it look at the bet when the screen is resized in the clip)

Clip : https://clips.twitch.tv/ResourcefulObeseRaccoonTebowing


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4 minutes ago, MomentumFuelGaming said:

@Rexxor420 go 14 seconds into the clip and watch the bet closely :) you will see it doesnt move with the slot


Yeah dude you are wrong here, he just printscreened the betsize and made it visible for people to see it.. because he is blocking it with his body.. faking the bet size wouldnt even make any sense LOL

Edit: I don't wanna sound like his PR guy or something, i dont even watch his streams, but you guys need to stop making those accusations without any proof... lmao

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