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Self exclusion


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So I have a few online casinos open and I self excluded from one 2018. I understand that excluding from one should exclude you from all linked casinos. I continued to play on Leo Vegas as this is my favourite site and I didn’t know they were linked so for the last 18 months I played, I’ve lost, I’ve won ect. I even had to verify my account a few times in this time and sent my documents in. I played on Sunday and went to log in again on Monday but was unable to as my account was locked so I phoned and queried this. They said it’s because I self excluded from a sister site in 2018. I was very confused as the Leo account was not open new it’s always been active it’s always been there, I haven’t tried to open a sneaky account and they’ve let me deposit for a year and a half I’ve had communication with them in this time verify documents and so forth. I was very disappointed that the safe play which is linked to the site I excluded from and Leo did not work as it should of and I feel there would of been ample opportunities to pick up this error as I was non the wiser and they have admitted that too.

my case is with LV and there was a crossover between Malta and the UK but it is now being dealt with in the UK. They have said I am liable for a refund  but non of this is said in writing it’s on the phone. Apparently my case is at the highest level and is with the payments account team. They have to look at everything which is fine I know the error is there side not mine. 

has anyone ever been on a similar situation? And what do you think the outcome will be. Do you think I will be entitled to all my deposits back over this time period?

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