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Blackjack streamer from germany here :)


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Hello guys :)

My name is Jannick, 23y/o from germany and I started streaming mainly Blackjack and sometimes some slots on Twitch. You will catch me on https://www.twitch.tv/onairjannick

My first stream was in the beginning of August I think and since then I managed to build up a viewer base of 329 Followers (01.10.19) and viewers in between 20 and 60 Viewers each stream. I really, really enjoy streaming even if gamblingwise its definetly not going well for me. On stream I will speak english most of the times, just sometimes a bit of german and in the chat it's always allowed to text in english and german.

I hope to see a couple of new viewers in the next stream :) always feel free to use thw chat, I love to interact with you guys :D Today I will stream some Blackjack in the evening probably together with @LetsGiveItASpin on the same LeoVegas table. Streamtimes mostly Monday + Tuesday + Thursday + Sunday arround 7:30/8 pm CEST.

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