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Update about my stream


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Hey everyone!


Hope you all are having a great start to the weekend, thank God that it is finally Friday ;)

I have received many messages about why I have not been active on my stream, which is the main reason why I am writing this text.


First of all, it has been an amazing journey during these years I have been active as a streamer, and it wouldn’t have been possible to even make this far without the help of the slot community. I am especially grateful towards CG for the assistance I have received during my time as a CG-streamer. I have met such incredible people and gathered a lot of knowledge and experiences that most definitely will be useful as my life carries on.


As you all may be aware of, the slot-streaming situation in Sweden became so much tougher with the changes that followed shortly after 2019 started. This ultimately resulted in a lot of stress, but I tried my best to make my stream work because I love the stream and all the people around it. At the beginning of August, I made the decision to start stepping down as an active streamer because I was tired of constantly having to worry about the stream “failing”. It is a shame to have to give up something that I enjoy as much as streaming, but it is a decision I have to make. I hope that this is something that you guys can understand ❤️


With one door closing, another one opens. After my decision to quit streaming, I did receive a job offer from Pragmatic Play, which involves me being active and representing Pragmatic Play on Twitch/YouTube. I do intend to take this opportunity because I feel like it would help me collect even more valuable knowledge/skills/experiences. This means that I won’t disappear from interacting with you guys, it will just happen without me sitting in front of a camera raging at slots ;)


As an ending to this statement, I would just like to thank everyone that helped me throughout my time being a streamer, it has been a blast! Hope you all have the most amazing of weekends ❤️

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Hey Hugge!

Just read what seems to be your official signing-off letter. Sad to see one of my favourite streamers leave, but I fully understand your decision. And getting an education is a better call than streaming slots in the long run.

Trouble is: Where am I going to find the like of this for my personal entertainment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l811KbsytE ?

Good luck - and with your job at Pragmatic Play there's still hope for the illusive V.A.S.O.L.I.N.E.-slot I reckon!

P.S.: I do realize I'm almost one month tardy with this reply, but better late than never, right?

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