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17255x jammin jars... first 20p spin.


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Yeah the fact it was live on stream while i barely stream anymore was just crazy. Everything, the last deposit.. the last slot before cashing out 100$ and recoup a little after a bad day.. 100.54$ balance 20p we're leaving... BOOOOOOOM :D and i was alive because a bit before i shoved lastm oney on roulette and hit my bday number 2 to be saved. A streak of unique crazy event linked all together into a world record win :D . chaching :D 

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@scribblebibbles Oh hell yeah i was streaming it for fun and when i saw the 3 other jars land all together i instantly jumped and wrote "2000x+"  lmao. This game just never teased me like that. There are starts that look insane in slots that are just joking at you but sometimes you get a massive start that you just plain never seen in your entire life through your play... or anyone's play. Then you know deep inside you didn't justh it 1 in a million worst tease ever. You simply know... you hit one very very special spin haha. But in all honesty other than full screen pharaoh's 2000x in book games or 2100x ish on six acrobats when it got released i never really had anything bigginer in terms of multi. I had dream maybe in my life once 5000x.  As i play everyday i thought if i can't have 5000x then dam. But that spin... it just broke all my expectations, dreams, hopes all at once and gave me a win so darn insane that now i can be an arse sit on it and tell my friends "try beat me now" with a "im full of it" face hahahah :D

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Wow, this triggers some seriously mixed emotions...

First: Big, big congrats @Fredos386, I'm happy for you. Not often - if ever - that you get something like that. Hope you don't give it all back.

Second: Watching the video reminds me of what happened exactly one month ago. Had the exact same dream setup: Four jar trigger, all close to each other, a couple of initial hits to build the multiplier. And then a series of close misses, four jars dancing around each other - still close, but no good hits, haha! Ended up with a 107x win.

And that same session - very symbolicly (?) - marked the end of my ability to win anything. Felt like every casino just pulled the RTP Kill Switch on me tbh. Next 14 days was around 7500 DKK in (approx. 1000 EUR) and 700 DKK out (approx. 100 EUR). Luckily, I had a lot of nice wins earlier this year, but I don't want to put it all back in, so I took the consequence and am now on a 6 month break from online gambling.

Yep, some seriously mixed emotions from that video..

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