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[POLL & GIVEAWAY] Community Insight & CG Merchandise! [ENDS 24/09/2019]


CasinoGrounds insight  

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  1. 1. How did you find out about CasinoGrounds?

    • Through streamers
    • Google
    • Friend suggestion
    • Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
    • YouTube
  2. 2. Which of the following topics do you find the most interesting?

    • Streaming
    • Big Win videos and pictures
    • Casino related news
    • Casino reviews
    • Slot reviews
  3. 3. Do you often watch streams?

    • Every day
    • When my favorite streamers are live
    • Few times a week
    • I don't watch streams
  4. 4. On which platform do you usually watch streams?

    • Twitch
    • YouTube
    • Other
  5. 5. Which is your favorite Forum section for discussions?

    • Big Wins/Epic Wins
    • General talks
    • Complaints
    • Casino Streamers
  6. 6. How do you find the current big win sharing process (creating topic/uploading media)?

    • Straight forward
    • How do you do it??
    • Would prefer to have it easier (reply to this thread)
  7. 7. Would you find it useful to have all your big wins in one place (your profile)?

    • Yes
    • No (reply to this thread with feedback)
  8. 8. How would you rate current usability of the website? (Desktop)

    • Meh (reply to this thread with feedback)
    • It's okay
    • Really good
  9. 9. How would you rate current usability of the website? (Mobile)

    • Meh (reply to this thread with feedback)
    • It's okay
    • Really good

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Hola dear members of the CasinoGrounds community!

We have prepared some questions for you as we're constantly working on improving the website and the forum, so please take a few minutes and vote!

And to top it off, 2 of the most constructive feedbacks/replies to this thread  (either website/forum or poll-related) - NOT the poll voters, will receive Casinogrounds merchandise package! (winners picked at our discretion)


p.s. Merchandise winners will be announced here day after poll closes. Merchandise will be sent in 3 weeks time (after poll ends) to the winners.

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My idea for the forum: special bonus on gambling website for people who help others. More thanks means better bonus. You could also do this with tipsters who tipped a good game. 


Example: someone tips 3 games on the forum and they win. The people who placed the bet and won can thank this person by a like or thank you button. If you collect enough likes you redeem them for a bonus on you favourite site.

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Dark mode required, some fixing to email loging when you switch sites, it sometimes doesnt show you are logged, and a button to be always logged in ?
Maybe add an giveaway button up to top? Other than that it is good, but some improvement are needed. ? Maybe twitch/youtube emojis?

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It would be good if there were casino reviews that included casino's who allow Australian players.

Given our current laws whereby its NOT illegal to play online slots its just harder to find casino's who will allow Australians to play.  Those who know our laws that wont try to scam Australian with outrageous or rather unworkable deposit and withdrawal methods.  There are usually enough deposit options but given our banks blocking casino withdrawals, its hard to find casino's who will allow for instance a card deposit but withdrawal to say a crypto wallet.  Its usually a case of how you deposit must be same for withdrawal.  Well this doesn't work with the majority of big banks in Australia.  Deposit is easy...its the withdrawal that's hard which in turn makes our choices of where we play very VERY limited.

Since the new laws have been introduced we have already been blocked from all the good game providers and yes we know they are just protecting themselves and rightfully so BUT, we are not breaking the law in playing online.  Its just a matter of finding decent casino's with flexible deposit/withdrawal options and who give us a reasonable choice of decent games with fair play.  For those of us who still choose to run between the landmines that have been placed in our pathway and who WANT to play from the comfort of their home online and NOT give in to the "clubs" who by and large have, with their clout, lobbied these new laws because they want bodies in their buildings spending money in their establishments and not online.  Off course taxes paid by these establishments vs. online is a big part of it.  But, how the powers that be and the moralists have sold this new law was that "betting/gaming/gambling" is harmful YET they allow online sports gaming in every way shape and form in Australia which, apparently, THIS type of gaming doesn't cause financial hardship by those indulging and nor does physically going into a casino/club (of which incidentally there is practically a club/gambling establishment in every suburb in Aust) to gamble and play slots BUT hey, online slots DOES!  A case of outrageous double standards.  

So, having good forums available for us online with fair, honest and unbiased information for Australian is and will always be needed as long as these laws remain active in Australia.  I have no doubt that many other Australians reading this will agree.

It would be good if this was considered as there are a lot of Aussies who follow Casino Grounds.

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