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Mr green issue..


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My friend and i played some late night slots here the other day.. nothing to crazy high bet.

i go to bed and its still logged on to my mr green..  he takes my card up my pockets and keep depositing.. 8000 kr..
and then he cashes 7500 kroner out to HIS own trustly account.. i dont see how he can do that.. i never used trustly in there and the account is mine name.. so how can that be allowed ?.. i talked to mr green support but they say its a very slim chance i will get my money back.. and ofc i cant get ahold of my friend..



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Strange friend you got there. Well, talk to your friend and ask him to return what does not belong to him. If not its the Police.

  • Always have a deposit limit on all the casinos you play at, do it as the very first thing before first deposit.
  • Get verified and get an deal how the withdrawels should be done.
  • Maybe look for new friends.
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Obviously it's our own responsibility that you have your player account secured and your card stored away from other people, no matter if it's a friend or a random person. So the casino will never be able to give you the money back this person deposited. However, it's right, that you can only withdraw your money on the method which was used for the deposit and if they processed the withdraw to another bank account, not on your name, you should get the money transferred back to your player account. 

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