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Lil Devil and "Tesla Ticket" announcement coming soon

Big Time Gaming official

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In the next few days, we'll be handing over the video of August's winner for the Tesla draw to @LetsGiveItASpin, in the meantime, here's Lil Devil playing on Tesla's amazing in-car entertainment system. Only works while the parking brake is engaged but it won't be long before full self-driving will allow it to spin whilst driving! Taking the grind out of a long trip, unless of course, you're planning a level three bonus on Holy Diver!

Lil Devil (which essentially is the out of wedlock child of Danger and Bonanza) will be available on Betfair and Paddy Power from the 11th of September and everywhere else from the 25th!

Congrats to the Danger Daddy @Slotplayer on the HV Win! I can't confirm it's the biggest win of September but I can't deny it either as I only see the verified shortlist two weeks into the next month but we wish you the best of luck with that!

See our site /tesla for full terms and conditions!


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