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Why do Videoslots reduce the rtp?


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For some moths ago Videoslots reduce theire RTP for slots from provider like Playngo, IGT, Pragamtic. They also sayt hat they will reduce the rtp for other providers when it will be possible- i wonder why?
They say that they must do that because they have now 15% tax from theres winnings- ok. The new rtp is so low as 94% and thats very bad, i will say very very bad. 
Ok 15% tax from thers winnings, ok let say that they do 10 million euro in winnings 1 year, that means that the winnings will be 8.5 millions- some loss of course.

But !!!! But niw that dont give bonuses and they dont give weekend booster anymore. The value about this is around 15-20%. So it menas that they now have huger winnings than before the taxes. 

The new weekend booster that they have is no bonus. They take 0.5 of % of all your winnings and banking them. So its meanless.

What has happendsto Videoslots))

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15 minutes ago, Anders said:

I dont think they earn any money on this. I have stopped play Playngo games and change to other sites that have higher rtp. Also do my freinds.

Hahaha, i bet the majority of gamblers don't even know what RTP is. Just watch Monopoly Live how many people play 1 and 5. :tf:

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