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Here Kim - dehydrator for Beef jerky!


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Ok the one I bought is sold out - however there are tons of them around for not much more.


Basically any dehydrator will do - as long as it can heat up to the 60 degrees C or higher.


I told you it was real easy - and it TRULY is - and so much better. I spend a long time on the internet, and there are tons of different recipes... but here is one of the guides which explains it in a bit more detail. (160F is about 70C) 



Here is my version:

Find beef - any beef really which looks "clean" and remove all the white stuff if there is any.

if it's a "thick" piece of meat you can put it in freezer for an hour to make it easier to cut - however with a good knife this mostly isn't a must.

Depending on the quality make the slizes ½ to 0.75 cm thick (good quality = make thicker cut) - make sure to examine the meat for the "grain" and cut across - not along - the grain for a tender jerky. If you get some really bad meat, you can actually jerky it by cutting it thin and "hammering it" a bit with a meat hammer of baking pin.

Now basically get a bowl or plastic bag and put in ingredients.

2 really easy and pretty damn good examples for the 5 seconds it takes to make:

Sweet Baby Rays Chipotle sauce - and add chili sauce if you love chili - and optional add some garlic.


½ a cup of white wine vinegar, ½ a cup of soy, chili after taste, garlic after taste, ½ a lemon (the juice), about 3 tablespoons of brown sugar.

Mix together with a quick stir - and put in the slices of meat.

Put in fridge as long a you want (I just do it over night and it's great)

now put it on the dehydrator tray and use a piece of kitchen roll to dab off the "extra" moisture.

I dry mine at 60 - 65 C depending on the quality and thickness of the meat for 6 - 8 hours.


 It's SO much better than the store bought versions - AND YOU control the sodium content - which is often WAY too high in the store bought stuff!

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