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Good old Gold King


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Gold King used to be one of my go-to slots, and when it came out, I got a lot of decent wins.

Heck, I even got some wild lines, which I now realize is VERY rare. Unfortunately, I didn't get a screenshot of those, which I regret now.

For a while Gold King then went quite lackluster, but seems to be back on form. When in the mood, it can give some nice hits - not insane ones, but in the range 200x-500x.

Here a some recent wins for your entertainment. Kind of messed up the order of the attached images, but you'll figure it out :-)

Gold King 250x.jpg

Gold King 253x.jpg

Gold King 253 x total.jpg

Gold King  253x total.jpg

Gold King 253x total.jpg

Gold King 215x total.jpg

Gold King 215x.jpg

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