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WhiteRabbit 5122x

van Gamble

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Last Year i had same Bonus Buy, where the 3rd  time was hitting 2800x...

..and this time ... ...of course all ReeLs hit Rerigger.. ..(two spins with CupCakes on every Reel...^^)
... and till the 4th-last Spin after the 5th retrigger,  it looked like it goes to 2500-3000x.. .. 

..but then the HiT
 -  96 FuLL QueeN WayZ -  what was an 2400x in a single Spin... oO

Finally i m kickin´myself  that i thought` that an ScreenRecord is`nt worth it in that moment... .. -.- 

4,1k cashed out ... Big Profit ! ;)

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