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Self exclusion issue


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Hello guys hope someone can give me a good answer on this. In November 2018 I self excluded myself from first casino stating in the email I had a gambling addiction. They closed my account immediately. This week I opened accounts on two other casinos. All 3 casinos share license. I've lost 3905 euros in 3 days. 

Made 24 deposits and 1 withdrawal. 

I emailed all 3 casinos but no answer yet. (27h past since mailing) 

So question is. Is there a chance of a refund since they share license? I've read som threads on ask gamblers and from my understanding there is a chance. 

Also contacted first casino through chat and the operator was not kind at all. And he said: how could we stop you from registering to our sister casinos? I was also chatting about this with other casino yesterday and she told me to email them instead. I clearly stated I have a gambling addiction but I could still make deposits this morning.. 

I was gamble free for 108 days before this happened. This fucked my whole situation up... :(

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Pberg, firstly I understand you are disappointed that you have gambled after a break. Quitting gambling takes several attempts and 108 days is a big achievement to start with. Don't forget that :)

When you joined the casinos linked to the exclusion, did you use the exact same name, address, e-mail and telephone number? If you did then it carries a greater weight to your claim when asking for a refund from the casinos. If you changed any part during the registration process then it's a bit more difficult to dispute.

I have a direct contact with GameOn, so if you're willing to send me your username privately I will bring this up with them tomorrow morning.

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The phone number change is perhaps the reason why the account was activated. In most cases the exclusion matches three or four parts of your personal information, but sometimes they go unnoticed even if one part was changed.

Apologies, it was 'Come On Connect' not Game On who look after accounts at these casinos. I deal with the affiliate manager there so he will be able to pass the dispute to someone higher up.

No guarantees, but if you are network excluded they will refund all deposits back to the original source since the self-exclusion was applied.

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Today I received great news. I will get a refund of 3700€. This means that if you self exclude from a casino you shall not be able to play on other casinos under the same license. 

It's now been 183 days since I last gambled and it feels great. Just watching streams now days. 

Just wanted to update if someone is in the same position. 

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