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Hey guys!!

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Hey just joined long time idler of Kim and nicks channel!! I came across my first casino trouble (if you can call it that) on leo Vegas today.. 

Basically my mother is unwell and currently lives with me in my home. She pays a little each month help with food and stuff but due to a pay rise in work that money is now surplus so I can finally put a little away to gamble after so long not being able too comfortably. I loaded up leovegas deposited using her card (obviously with permission) of the £100 which she pays me monthly.. anyway played book of dead and hit a 200x and wonky hit £400 and that was me for my monthly fix!! 

I then uploaded all information documents and unfortunately found out this is not aloud which i didn't know!! :( I could've easily put on PayPal into leovegas if I knew and not break rule! Or even better just used my own card ! Stupid ay! Anyway we spoke on the phone and they needed photo ID of my mother so I sent in her birth certificate and her disabled bus pass! (Doesn't drive scared of planes) but also found out now they won't accept a disability photo ID and want her to go and get a citizen ID card. I've spoken too her and although the money is a lot for me if she doesn't want the stress of it or hassle I'll give up the money . She doesn't seem to mind but she wants to know will the money be safe? After all of this will I get the money back after if I've gone through this (may take 5 weeks). Maybe need some reassurance ,advice and called stupid!! Sorry for long post any help advice reassurance would be greatly appreciated!! 

Happy gambling!

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Yea, I have no idea why you didn't use any payment method in your name. Good thing is that at least they're asking for photo identity of your mum as I believe a lot of sites wouldn't even do that. You could get your mum to get a passport or provisional drivers licence will probably be cheaper and they should accept these. Well at least you know next time to never use anyone else's payment method. GL getting your cash buddy

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