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BerryBurst Max 2130X


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So i was low-rolling this slot to see what it takes to get some wilds... 500+ spins and boom :)

So, fullscreen wilds gave me 2000x. During the wilds re-spins i didnt get any premium, so untill the 5th wild came in i had a total of 130x win. Slot say you can win up to 6000x... I really think that just isnt possible to get, and just a theoretical number. You need to get all premium symbols all they way during those re-spins to archieve that.

Anyway, nice to see this has potential. To compare, i've done around 1000 spins on BerryBurst Max and already have a 2000x+ win, in bonbanza i've done mabye 50.000 spins (i'm not kidding!) and best i've had is around 500x.

Next time no low-rolling :D


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yes pausefisk you are right its just a theoretical number with the 6000x Win because you need 1 Wild and 4 reels full with raspberrys after this Spin 2 Wilds + 3 reels full with raspberrys then 3 Wilds + 2 reels full with raspberrys and after this you need 4 Wilds + full reel raspberrys and at the end the 5 Wilds + Respin 5 Wilds only this pay 6000x so absoluty Impossilbe :D

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