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Highrolling the slots other day..


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Sorry I was on the couch and didn't know the iPad has a "record screen" option built in stock, only got pictures of these.. I deposited 1100 SEK (~110€) and got up to as high as 150K sek (15.000€). No wager or nothing, then I went fully DEGEN and gave it all back to the slots in a frenzy. I've been having lots of anxiety and self-irritation about this but want to show you some of the stuff. ?

10€ bet with wild reel 2, +10 spins and last pick was x2 multiplier. 1.900€ it payed.




Never played this slot before but a 20€ bet payed me 2.300€ halfway through the freespins. 



I actually don't know the bet here but that looks like the level 3-4 (second best?) rabbit! 1.800€ decent! 



I don't know why, but I started playing Starburst a decade later than everyone else.. It's a real cashprinter for me though. 

Here's a 100€ bet wich payed 3.000€! 



Hrm.. well, don't know what I was doing but I wagered 10.900€ in 34 minutes what the hell. 



This crazy betting was going on for a full maybe 10 hours though and eventually my incredible 15.000€ win from a 110€ deposit was all gone. So sad. Cheers!

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@ploppjoppe im trying to think what to say. Amazing backstory. 110 euro deposit and got upto 15,000 euro at one point.

You went big bets and the slots took the lot back off you. Some insane betting thare and over 10 hours its been a rollercoaster ride.

Some of those wins are beautiful and a 1000 sek bet on starburst and you won 30,000 sek. 83,579 sek of a balance at that point.

Fair play to you for having the courage to go really deep and go after it. But whare was your stop point. Was there a target to stop.?

Thats incredibly good money 110 euro to 15,000 euro. Im still wondering what to say.

Depending on the kind of person you are it may hit you bad when the reality kicks in on whats happened. It may take time to get over it.

Or you may not be to bothered and your able to just get on with life.

Depends on how you take this. Its a miracle day to win that much and now its all gone. Serious money.

Thanks for popping onto the site to share your wins and your story.

I feel for you because i think you are a player who may be unable to stop because your enjoying it so much and 10 hours have passed and you would be totally focused on gambling.

I wonder if you had a stop point or you were just going to go degen and at the end of the day you have only lost 110 euro.

It will probably be hard tommorow when you think of what you had. Some brilliant wins in thare. Take it easy if you can.

I no how hard that is to take it easy.  Credit to you for sharing it with us here at CG.???.

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