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Extra Chili EPIC bonus buy!!


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@SuperSmask brilliant mario. Awesome 16 spin bonus. On the brutal, risk and reward, highly volatile extra chilli. I do like extra chilli myself smask. 

I have not been well recently smask. I have not been commenting. Fell off the scoreboard. Just was not well. I was in a depression and didnt want to do anything really. I have forced myself to do something. To focus my mind. I have started to comment on wins again and i am seeing some insane wins. A player from casinogrounds got in touch with me to see if i was ok which was nice. It was helpful. Mentally.

Back to your win mario what a cracker. 16 spins on a 8 kr bet size. 0.80 euro and reaching x29 is some going. Well done.

Your running commentary is good and you call in the symbols that you need. You hit purples for a cracking hit. And it just kept going and going. Great to watch.

Total bonus 11,443 kr, about 1144 euro's which is one of the biggest bonuses i have seen for your stake of 0.80 euro. Balance 14,073 kr. I hope you got a cashout smask.

Big congratz, great video. Well done and you enjoy those winnings. Good post.??.

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4 minutes ago, SuperSmask said:

Soooo glad to see u back. I know I´m not the only one. Remember to take care of yourself @Craig smith do what makes u happy! Much love...

Thankyou mario. Your words are appreciated. I had to re engage my mind into commenting. Its good to be back. And seeing all my players wins. Thanks again smask. Gentleman you are.?.

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