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Most Insane Win on Pink Elephants!


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Sweet wins, wish you could share me some luck now cause I feel like I ran out of luck so need to recharge it  :)


3 hours ago, Huggehugg said:

This game was mighty due after teasing me for months, what a hit!

Stream Update: We managed to cash out 980 euros after the wagering, which I am very grateful for ❤️


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@Huggehugg awesome win hugge. Not been well my friend, Was feeling really down. Depression.  Im getting back to commenting huggster. Trying to focus my mind on something.

What a hit hugge.( A redemption bonus ) and it was. Crept up to the top level and what was looking a normal bonus exploded into action.

9600 sek in 1 spin, 960 euro. Playing a 10 sek, 1 euro stake overall hugge the bonus paid 10,416 sek, about 1041 euro. Beautiful bonus and i must admitt i do not see many big hits on this game. So its nice to see one. 

1000 x plus for hugge. Big congratz. And well done on the 980 euro cashout. Enjoy??.

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