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A few big stake big win pics, 500x, 700x and 750x


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Hi Guys,

I have some screenshots here of some big stake wins on a few slots, with the exception of bust the bank but still hit great in the bonus.

Enjoy and I am definitely taking a break as I was stupid and put quite alot of my winnings back in so need a breather, but at least

I stopped before I started breaking into my own funds.  Be careful people it can easily happen as these streamers say slots are designed to take money.



Bust the Bank just over 750x in Bonus.jpg

Ooops 700x on Extra Chilli.jpg

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@idontknowwhoiam2k16 well done on your wins. The hit on pimped is just beautiful.

The wild is the highest paying symbol and you have hit such a nice line. A 6000 pound payout. 12 pound stake. Big congratz thare.

Bust the bank is a cracker on the stake you are playing in 1.20 bet size winning just over 900. Nice.

Extra chilli a heavier stake in 10 pound spins but a huge payout of 7132 pounds. The super volatile extra chilli turning it up again.

Overall a super bunch of wins and all three combined its at the 14 k mark. Very nice.

But as you say you put a fair bit back in which i understand by your stake level a lot could be lost very quickly.

That is the danger and good for you highlighting it. on the flip side you won what you did by playing big stakes. Risk and reward.

Thanks for posting your wins up. They are all very nice wins. Well done???.

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