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White Rabbit WOW!! what a hit! Huge win...


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@SuperSmask well mario what can i say about that. Plenty my friend.

Im thinking smask has hit 4 or 5 queen reels with the title to the post.

But no.

Im very pleasantly surprized at what happened.

1 retrigger giving 6 extra spins. 21 spins in total. Playing a 10 sek buy, 1000 sek.

nice music to go with the speeding up of the video. It had a kinda egyptian feel to it.?

Last spin heroics from mario urging them queens in. And they obliged. Beautiful.

Reel 1- 1 queen, reel 2- 3 queens, reel 3- 2 queens, reel 4- 2 queens, and reel 5 the piesta resitance, a train of 4 queens arrive for smask,

A juicy payout of 12,000 sek on those queens. 1200 euro. Superb win,

bonus totalling 13,651 sek, 1365 euro from a 1 euro, 100 euro buy.

Overall its nice to see white rabbit dishing up a good bonus. Not seen one for a while.

Big big congratulations mario and you enjoy those winnings. Good post.???.

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