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PlayOJO disgusting deposit fee's.


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so I signed up to playojo a while ago had some good reviews and games I played, how ever I stopped playing here after I noticed E-wallet such as skrill chrged 5% per deposit on the amount you deposit I mean this is quite actually shocking and disgusting I've never seen a e-wallet to  a casino charge for deposits, maybe withdrawals but 5% also is an absolute joke anyone not agree?

although many people will reply saying 'don't play there anymore' I'm not... I'm just highlighting an pretty much a sham of a Casino when most Casinos make so much money.

its ridiculous ALL casinos should have no deposit/withdrawal fee's in my opinion.


also I make 99% of my deposits via skrill.

the screenshot is not me actually depositing £4000 it was a random figure to show you how much it would cost you to make that deposit.

so for me to make a £4000 deposit I'd have to spend £200 on the transaction fee lol? 

Normal depositors fyi £100 deposit would cost £105 total which is just speechless in my eyes..

is there any casinos you play at that charges similar? let me know in comments ^_^


anyone affiliated with playOJO or any casino representative here to speak up please, we're listening! 


3.5% for Neteller also even tho they are both under paysafe groups? :S something strange here...

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Hey Themagics92,

Agree that the fees are next to obscene. The reason behind it (I believe) is not that these methods are that much expensive than other, but that, as a whole, casinos are often losing money on the group of players that are using them. E-wallet users are, from what I've heard, much more inclined to bonus abuse, deposit simply to take/exploit welcome offers and promotions and so on. There are also "fraud rings" using these methods where one player has access to tens or hundreds of accounts (and matching KYC documents) that operate to take the casinos for money by claiming the same lucrative welcome offers and playing optimally.

I, as you, don't like this one bit - but I think it's simply a case where a small few destroy for everyone else. I'm sure you've noticed that a great deal of casinos no longer allow welcome offers when depositing via NT/Skrill - this is for that exact reason.

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