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The Horse likes Donuts for now and never! !!HUGEWIN!!


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To begin with, I didnt really like this new game from BTG, but still.... needed to play it some to see what the fuzz was about..

Did a lot of spins, and finally the bonus came.

Was lucky enough to get 59x multiplier in the 'pre-bonusgame' and won decent in the start but then the slowspin came…. Purples….wild…. and even more purples and wild in the end!!!

2655x in one spin !!!! :D:D:D

Ended up with a insane bonus with payout of 33866 DKK.

SOLID 3386x win ! :D

One happy Horse here, and this is my biggest win in one feature or bonus, so weeeee :D
I like this game now hehe..

May the horse be with you all.




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@Dementorhorse wow! Biggest win i have seen to date dementorhorse. I new someone was going to hit a huge bonus because donuts is set up for it.

But the horse has got it. Big feast for the horse with those beautiful purple donuts. And it just happens to be the top symbol!!.

That 3 rd reel is to die for with 3 purples turning up on the top picture, and that lone wild on reel 4 deserves alot of credit making the connection you have hit, x59 multiplyer and Yeee ha! Kinda what you hear in diamond mine- yeee ha. But were on donuts today.

Awesome win on a 10 dkk stake, about 1.30 euro and hitting 33,866 dkk, about 4500 euro. I will say it yeeee ha!.

The horse has definately bolted with this one. Huge congratz on your win. And a happy comment to go with it. Enjoy the winnings???.

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Congrats @Dementorhorse that is amazing, seems you’re tapping into the potential here.

When I first saw Donuts I was a little disappointed with BTG but it’s slowly but surely becoming my go to game, hope to have a post of my own soon ???

It seems BTG continue to wear the crown ? as the volatility Kings! 

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