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Dragon Born Good win! Renzo778


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@Renzo778 very nice win renzo. I have not commented on dragon born for a long time so its nice to see it posted up. 

Its quite a tough slot/game to really hit massive on. There are only 7 spins i think if you get the bonus and its heavily dependant on slow rolls. 

One thing i will say is the top symbols pay really well and if you catch them in a slow roll all the way across its big.

I think the megaways stay the same through the free spins, extra spin per diamond that lands to.

Looks like the last spin saved you renzo with a connection right across for 86.40. Very nice. 

Just playing 0.20 dollar a spin and your bonus total almost reached 90 dollars. A very good bonus renzo. Enjoy the winnings. A good balance booster.??.

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