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Wonder Hors.....hounds BIGWIN!


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As you can see, this was on my last spin on this bullet, and the bonus dropped. 
Started with 7 wilds, and got the rest during the spins.

Never got that many wilds in one bonus, so it was a thrill to watch.

A sweet 351x win and the play was back again. I did feel a little lucky that time hehe.. :)


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@Dementorhorse the horse and the hounds this time.

Very nice win. Its a little gem of a game/slot this one and is a bit underestimated i think. Just my opinion.

Those sticky wilds can end up paying a lot.

I can see you are just low rolling playing about a 0.30 euro stake wise, i count 11 wilds. And you hit wildlines also.

7 wilds to start with is pretty good considering there is only 15 spaces they can go into. Thats why i think its a little gem of a game/slot.

Your bonus paid round about 120 euro. A nice bonus and got you back in the game.

Wee all need these little slices of luck and yours came on the last spin.

It was not about to let the horse bolt. Just yet.

Big congratz on your win. And enjoy the winnings??.

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