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Bonanza 500x


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@BoracicLint its nice to see a post up on bonanza from yourself boracic my friend.

A beautiful bonus aswel. Got that multiplyer going early. I thought the aces were good to you.

The bonus was sitting very nice at 146.79 with 2 spins to go. Then the icing on the cake.

And it set it up so good with the 2 diamonds x14 cascading into jacks x15 for a good payout cascading into kings x16 cascading into blue gems x17 for a good payout.

And piled another 154 pounds onto the bonus. Very nice.

1 little hit on the last spin to take you to x19 as a finish on the multiplyer.

And i saw it boracic. I was hoping a red gem would appear on reel 1 at x19 and it would have been massive. But it didnt.

A shame but still a cracking win and a very good 12 spin bonus. On a 60 p stake, £302.79.

Overall big congratz. I think your last post was up at the 300 pound mark to boracic on bonanza. Enjoy the winnings.??.

Sorry for long comment. I got going with it and just kept writing text.?.

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