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Donuts - Big Win!

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@DCT Slot Channel very nice DCT. ive seen a few nice wins from BTG's latest game/slot and i have seen an awful bonus.

But you cought 4 boxes, 1 each reel, the top donut, and it came out the boxes in yummy doubles. A nice little multiplyer aswel on reel 2 creating a super connection for 126 euro.

Just playing 0.35 euro spins. Yip nice win DCT.

from what i see and no about the volatility of the game/slot its massive. I have not seen an insane win yet.

Like a 7-8 K win but it will appear some day. Overall good post and a good balance booster DCT. Enjoy.??

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1 hour ago, Dementorhorse said:

Nice hit..
This is the newest BTG machine here in Denmark, and its quite fun, but havent got that much luck, and the bonus seems hard to get :)
Im positive that this slot can pay insane, but have to see if I never gonna be that lucky ;)

Gz on the win :)


Hi thare dementorhorse. Yes this game/slot from BTG has insane potential and big volatility. Its why it can be brutal aswel.

I saw a bonus video posted up last week of a player who hit a x93 multiplyer and had 12 spins in the bonus. I think the stake was 1 euro. The bonus paid zero, 0 euro's. Man thats tough with a x93 multiplyer. 1 ok connection and its a really good bonus.

Yes its volatile but also brutal. Someone will hit a monster win on it. Its set up for it. And your right the bonus is quite difficult to get.??.

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