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So close to 1000x on donuts


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Hi was playing some donuts this morning £20 deposit 10p spins took 593 spins to get a feature which only paid 16.8x so dropped to 5p play and 7 spins later bonus came in again started on 67x multiplier 2 retriggered put it up to 72x and bam feature ends up paying 936x ?


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@Azzablags hi thare azza. Nice backstory and when i look at a post and it says 936 x im thinking this will be pretty big.

But your post just goes to show how it happens with tiny stakes as well as big.

And your post is just as important as any other post even though you were on 5 p stakes.

I commented on a post earlier that was incredible how it played out on donuts. X93 multiplyer and the bonus paid £0. Yip zero. I really felt for the player that posted it.

Donuts is a crazy volatile slot/game and someone will hit a monster on it. Its set up that way. But its a tough slot to bonus.

A nice win for yourself azza playing 5 p of £46.80. A win is a win.

So congratz and enjoy. Sorry for the long comment??.

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